Country roads, take me home to the place I belong

Bonecreek Grange was originally built for Michael Beckett as a wedding gift to his daughter Faye Beckett and her new husband Colton Thatcher. The Becketts are one of the founding families of Wolfridge alongside the Williams’ and the Howletts. The descendants of the Williams family has moved out of Wolfridge some generations ago, but like the Becketts, the Howletts have remained - Elliot Howlett is currently the sheriff of Wolfridge, and his son Eli is out in Quantico FBI Academy. The grange was supposed to just act as a nice family home to raise a family in, but Faye and her sister Farrah were equestrians - which wasn’t a surpise, there is little else to do than ride horses in a town like Wolfridge -, and Faye got her husband to fall in love with these four-legged creatures and the ranch life, so it soon became a nice family home to raise a family and horses in.

The grange consists of a large house, which acts as the home of the Thatchers and Farrah Beckett. It’s a beautiful two-story house with a railed front patio and an inverted v-roof. The first floor has a large kitchen, a living room filled with bookshelves almost as high as the ceiling, a bathroom, and Farrah’s bedroom. Thatcher’s bedrooms are located on the second floor, with Colton and Faye having the main bedroom with its own bathroom, and Misha and River having their own separate bedrooms. The other main building on the property is of course the double barn. It houses a great number of horses in roomy boxes. Upstairs of the barn serves as a storage for hay, while the rest of the foods and the equipment can be found in a saddle room on the main floor. The horses also have several paddocks and two round pens outside the barn. At the time Bonecreek Grange doesn’t have an in-door riding hall, but does have a fenced out-door riding arena. The area surrounding the grange consists mainly of fields and woods which are great for horse riding.

A grange this size does not manage itself. While the residents do a big part of the work themselves, there are some hired employees that do barn chores and take care of horses. First and foremost is Kevin Farleigh, a man who was born to be a jockey, and traveled across the pond to be a cowboy. Kevin was fond of horses since a young age, and was supposed to become a jockey in his hometown Westport in Ireland. He’s even built like a jockey - a skinny, bird-boned and not that tall ginger -, but hot-headed thoroughbreds just weren’t for him, so Kevin packed up his things and moved to America. He’s very easy-going, has lost much of his accent, and prefers the calmer mares.

With Kevin works Paloma Skye Crockett, a native Lakota, who moved from South Dakota to Montana just to get away from her old neighbourhood. This was very much frowned upon by Paloma’s family, who she was very close with, but later on her family has come to accept her need to move away. Paloma is very connected to her roots and strongly identifies with her Native American heritage, which is one reason she’s very family-oriented - there’s not much people beside her family that knows and understands the world she comes from. Paloma has long and curly, dark hair, a slightly tanner skin-color, and dark brown eyes which the sunlight tints honey. As Native American she has a very different attitude towards nature and the Earth compared to other people; Paloma is as eco-friendly as they come, but she does live off natures gifts - including wild life. She even hunts her own meat with a bow and arrow; She’s a shot unlike anyone you’ve ever seen before, but stays away from guns for ethical reasons. As you can guess, Paloma prefers natural horsemanship and often likes to ride bareback, but she’ll knock you off your feet when she gears up and rides fully-equipped western horses in competitions. Don’t worry, no-one ever sees that coming.

The newest member of the Bonecreek Grange family is Levi Kelly, a young australian, who’s studying to be a horse trainer. Levi is pretty much everything Kevin isn’t - he’s tall, muscular, dark-haired and green-eyed. Colton sometimes catches both Paloma and his own wife Faye giving Levi a double take. Faye denies this every time she’s asked about it, Paloma doesn’t. Levi is known to hang around beautiful women and never take home the same lady twice, and sure, he has the looks to live that lifestyle. Unlike with women, Levi is serious about his work with horses. He got trampled by horses back home in Australia when he was young, and has since developed a respect towards these animals. It started with fear, and Levi does still sometimes get spooked with more headstrong horses, but nowadays he does very good with horses, has learned to respect them in a healthy way and demand that same respect back. That’s the way Levi is - he seems intimidating, but in reality you won’t find a softer guy in all of Montana, perhaps all of the States. He’s got a big heart and a kind soul, and gets along with everyone. He seems to always be smiling and laughing, and it’s hard to pout in his presence.