Wyoming Wildcat

Quarter Horse, bay roan
Quarter Horse, bay roan
Quarter Horse, sorrel
Quarter Horse, palomino roan (sabino)
Quarter Horse, smoky black roan
Quarter Horse, bay dun (sabino)

Official name: Wyoming Wildcat
Breed, sex, height: Quarter Horse, mare, 15.5 ‘hh
Color: Bay roan
Date of birth: 01-10-2016 (United States)
Bred by Bear Bridge Farm
Owned by Colton Thatcher

Wyoming Wildcat, quarter, tamma, 157 cm, s. 10.01 2016, kasvattaja evm, omistaja VRL-14085 / VH20-014-0155 / Virtuaalihevonen

They just don’t make them like Kate anymore - she’s a wildcat alright! An absolute beast on race tracks and a brilliant cutting horse; You just lay back and let Kate handle it. Kate moved to Bonecreek Grange as a filly and was definitely a handful to break in, but we must have done something right, because she might be quite headstrong, but she’s a great horse to ride - as long as you know what you’re doing, that is.


Kate is genetically tested heterozygous for filly BONECREEK WOLFTRACKER Born 05-16-2019 sire Budweiser
black and agouti, and homozygous for roan. filly BONECREEK SMOKE SIGNAL Born 03-12-2021 sire Smokey
filly Foal Born 00-00-0000 sire Sire
Kate is currently available for breeding. filly Foal Born 00-00-0000 sire Sire


04-30-2020 WRJ, Barrel Racing Chinet Ranch 1/30
02-28-2021 WRJ Cup, Barrel Racing Orange Wood Ranch 2/25
04-22-2020 WRJ, Pole Bending Chinet Ranch 3/29
04-23-2020 WRJ, Pole Bending Chinet Ranch 1/29
12-12-2020 WRJ, Pole Bending Deadwood Rangers 1/41
12-25-2020 WRJ, Pole Bending Syringa Ranch 2/34
04-30-2020 WRJ, Keyhole Race Chinet Ranch 5/29
11-30-2020 WRJ Cup, Keyhole Race Zurück 5/48
12-13-2020 WRJ, Keyhole Race Deadwood Rangers 5/41
12-26-2020 WRJ, Keyhole Race Syringa Ranch 2/34
04-24-2020 WRJ, Cutting Chinet Ranch 4/36
04-26-2020 WRJ, Cutting Chinet Ranch 2/36
04-27-2020 WRJ, Cutting Chinet Ranch 1/36
12-18-2020 WRJ, Cutting Deadwood Rangers 7/55
12-19-2020 WRJ, Cutting Deadwood Rangers 7/55


February 28th, 2021 - written by Colton Thatcher
Orange Wood Ranch held a Western Riding Cup race the last Sunday of February, and Paloma insisted on travelling there for the competition. I pinched my nose, “do you have any idea how cold it is in Yukon this time of year?” She decided not to even hear me and already made plans for travelling and who to take with us. “I’m taking Kate and Jackman. Maybe Luna, what do you think?” she asked, and without waiting for an answer continued, “I think you should take Bud, Bucky and Cross. What is it with you and stallions? You barely ever ride the mares.” Again, Paloma didn’t even wait for me to answer before getting deep into planning the trip to Canada, borderline Alaska.

Paloma had visited Orange Wood Ranch previously this month to check out a stallion for one of our mares - Kate actually - and I was quite sure I knew why she was yearning to return; The owner of the stallion had been a rough “lone wolf” type of man, who Paloma had apparently identified with. “Not on the surface”, she had said, “but deeper within. He has this very hard shell, but I’m sure there is a kindred spirit inside.” I chalked it up to Paloma being still young and impressionable, but there was no need to tell Paloma this; She would snap out of it sooner or later, no doubt.

I will never get over the sight of Paloma in competition gear. She makes an incredible team with hot-headed Kate, and I’m definitely making her compete both of Kate’s foals in the future when they hit the scene. Paloma’s color is bright blue or whatever the shade is called, and it looks stunning on her. She had become almost like a daughter to me, but I am unfortunately aware the feeling is not mutual - which brings us back to the real reason we were here today. Paloma was looking forward to seeing that Barrett guy again, who I believe Paloma to be creating into a father figure in her mind. Again, very impressionable. I found myself looking around every now and then, just out of curiousity, in case Barrett would show up. I mean, the Cup was a large event, so you’d think the barn workers would attend as well. And judging by Paloma’s description, he would be hard to miss.

Towards the evening it became apparent Paloma hadn’t seen him, because she seemed upset. Of course she tried to hide it, but as I said, she was like a daughter to me. I knew her, I could see behind her cute masquerade. I laid my arm across her shoulders and tried to cheer her up by telling how great she was with Kate; Jackman and Luna weren’t troublemakers, she would be able to ride them in her sleep. I knew she knew that I knew she was upset, but played along as we both pretended she wasn’t. “Jackman is in great shape”, she commented, “he was pretty strong in those Barrel Race turns.”