Bonecreek Smoke Signal

Mustang, silver smoky grullo (sabino)
Mustang, grullo (sabino)
Mustang, silver bay
Quarter Horse, bay roan
Quarter Horse, bay roan
Quarter Horse, palomino roan (sabino)

Official name: Bonecreek Smoke Signal
Breed, sex, height: Quarter-Mustang, mare, 15.1 ‘hh
Color: Silver grullo roan (sabino)
Date of birth: 03-12-2021 (United States)
Bred and owned by Colton Thatcher

Bonecreek Smoke Signal, tilasto, tamma, 154 cm, s. 12.3 2021, kasvattaja Bonecreek Grange, omistaja VRL-14085 / VH00-000-0000 / Virtuaalihevonen


Smoke is genetically tested heterozygous filly Foal Born 00-00-0000 sire Sire
for black, dun, roan, silver and sabino. filly Foal Born 00-00-0000 sire Sire
filly Foal Born 00-00-0000 sire Sire
Smoke is currently unavailable for breeding. filly Foal Born 00-00-0000 sire Sire


00-00-0000 WRJ, Reining Stable 0/00
00-00-0000 WRJ, Cutting Stable 0/00
00-00-0000 WRJ, Barrel Racing Stable 0/00
00-00-0000 WRJ, Keyhole Race Stable 0/00


9th of February, 2021 - written by Colton Thatcher
We were looking to foal Kate again after she proved herself a good breeding mare with her first filly, Wolf, and ended up looking for outside stallions available for breeding. Initially the goal was to find a good Quarter Horse or Colorado Ranger stallion, but somehow we landed on a Canadian Cerbat Mustang stallion named Smokey. I thought it was a done deal already, but Paloma insisted on meeting the stallion first to determine if he was good for breeding. So, trusting her incredible instincts, I promised she could check Smokey out before we decided to inseminate Kate. She was after all one of our most valuable mares. Paloma packed a bag and left for Canada on train.

Paloma visited Orange Wood Ranch, where Smokey lived, and met his owner; An introverted bear of a man, weather-proofed Canadian named Barrett. She instantly took a shine to Barrett. He seemed like a kindred spirit judging by his looks. He was in no way chatty, but like I stated, Paloma has some incredible instincts and is a great judge of character. She had me all figured out when she first met me; She was not very impressed by my city boy past, but I guess she thought me and my ranch was worth her while. Thank heavens for that, she’s definitely an asset. Either way, Barrett caught her attention like thunder, so Paloma tried to get a conversation going, asking about Smokey, his past and temper. Paloma said he did open up just a little talking about Smokey, but was still not taking any interest in her existence. Not that she was exactly into him, but heaven knows she never had a father figure in her life. Maybe she saw that in Barrett.

Our little Lakota returned from Canada a week later after taking a day to explore Canadian scenery, satisfied with Smokey, so we set up to breed Smokey and Kate for a hopefully smart cross breed foal - I wasn’t sure if I would be using a cross breed to breed any more crosses in Bonecreek, since we do invest in pure bloodlines of Quarters and Rangers - of course mixing the first into the last one for new lines. Paloma seemed quite occupied with her own mind for the better part of a week after her return from Canada. I assumed she had maybe a bad experience at the Orange Wood Ranch, but after she mentioned Barrett, I realized she must have been thinking about him since her trip.

Kate was inseminated and her ultra scans soon proved her pregnant, so we began expecting our very own cross breed. Paloma assured me the foal would be great and possibly even a mare for her own Mustang stallion Ahoy, if Kate would birth a little filly. A smile caught the corner of my eye when I saw Paloma’s dark eyes glimmer with the thought of the new foal, but warned her to stay grounded - let’s first get this foal into the world.